The Tipton Hill Boys was formed by me and my friends Kevin Sluder and George Buckner sometime around 1996. Kevin and I were also roommates and we lived on “Tipton Hill Rd.”, in Leicester, NC, where Kevin still resides. It wasn’t the first time we’d played together but it was when we got serious as a band and started learning material. I moved off to Nashville and did things for a while and then came back to Asheville when I married Sachie in 2003. We made “Lucky” that same year. On and off we’ve played here over the years, traveled to Japan and enjoyed a very well received tour there, and still get together from time to time to play music. These are some of my favorite people, some of my best friends, and some of my and favorite musicians. 

This was the first recording we made as a band. My friend and often bandmate Hideyuki Watanabe organized this project and the band produced it. We recorded it in Nashville with Richard Adler engineering in 2003. 

1. Steam Boat Whistle Blues
2. Lucky
3. Rosey Bokay
4. How Come Your Dog Don’t Bite Nobody But Me
5. Lonesome Road Blues
6. E. Thadius Foot
7. Searching For Yesterday
8. Hot Corn Cold Corn
9. Barnyard Shuffle
10. We All Smell Good On Sunday
11. Crawdad Song
12. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
13. The Bridge Washed Out
14. Danny Boy 

Chris Sharp – guitar and vocals
Kevin Sluder – bass and vocals
George Buckner – banjo and vocals (lead guitar on track 14)
Kevin Adams – Piano, Shad Cobb – Fiddle
Kathy Chiavola – Harmony Vocals, Matt Combs: Fiddle
Josh Graves – Dobro, Bobby Hicks – Fiddle
Ozzie Orengo – Drums, The Steel Ghost – Pedal Steel Guitar,
Derico Watson – Drums

In 2008, I had put together a recording studio at his home with the help of recording engineer and audiophile David Arnold. At that time, the band had been less active. Still, we were planning a trip to Japan, and we talked with Toshio and decided to make this recording, which was recorded and produced by me and mixed by me and David Arnold at Stump Sound recording studio near Raleigh NC. 


1. Petticoat Junction
2. Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You
3. I Have Found The Way
4. God’s Own Singer
5. Sweet Sunny South
6. Talking Banjo
7. Lover’s Lane
8. Medals For Mother
9. Groundhog
10. This Heart Of Mine Can Never Say Goodbye
11. Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow
12. New Black Suit
13. Cripple Creek

Chris Sharp – guitar and vocals
Kevin Sluder – bass and vocals
George Buckner – banjo and vocals

Note: In addition to being close friends, David is Chris’ favorite recording engineer and Chris always welcomes the opportunity to work together. David has the uncanny ability to always seem to find the correct gear and sweet spot for the microphone while recording instruments and vocals.

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